Saturday, January 13, 2018

English Version of කඳුල ඉතින් සමාවෙයන් - කිර්ති පැස්කුවල් මහතා

English Version of 

කඳුල ඉතින් සමාවෙයන් - කිර්ති පැස්කුවල් මහතා

please forgive me dear tear drop
Let's depart tomorrow evening
She'll come to my little huts
to chase the loneliness of my bed
Don't flood dark clouds over
the river in the evening
The wattle and daub house ground
will be destroyed
Reach the moon light to bed hills over
to see her charming s beauty
The flowers will bloom ,
the path to welcome her
Smile of her face will arise
prettier than the flowers.
Smell of an infant comes through
the door step
dear cloud... let to bloom
my Dream Flowers

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