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Adventure of 3 Friends

Adventure of 3 Friends

 It was one Sunday evening during the school holidays in august. I had a walk with my friends Sanju and Yasith along the village sandy road after bathing in the river. The road was heading towards Delgoda River. My two friends, Yasith and Sanju live in Moratuwa town and they had come to our place to spend the vacation. They love the life  in village and to bathe in the river.
On our way to the river we could see a huge dilapidated bungalow that was located approximately half a kilometer away from our house. It was situated in a steep land opposite the river. When we were passing the bungalow Yasith took a look at it with curiosity. When we were coming back he asked:
                Nipun …. Who is the owner of this bungalow?
                Why……. Are you afraid to look at the house?
                No……..It has a mysterious look and It’s like a haunted house.
                Yes…You are correct .villagers have a  lot of rumors to tell about this house.
Tell me …... I would like to hear them very much. It’ll be a new adventure for our vacation.
                “The heir of the house is from a noble family of the area. The owner, Dasanayake Mudali died five years ago and his son left to England with his family members a few years afterwards. No one comes to live there. Ever since, the family servant Jemis lives there alone.  Now Mudali walawwa is deserted.  Old Jemis is looking after the place just like a cobra protecting a treasure.
                “Ah… why is that? Why does he try to protect this bungalow? Asked Sanju with amazement.
Some say, there is a treasure hidden there…
Some others say that a strange noise can be heard from within that house in some nights. The noise is something similar to the howling of a devil bird (Ulama).
When some people were passing by this way at night, they had seen some kind of lights moving here and there. Then they had got afraid and have received treatment from the village exorcist.              
Some people had seen a ghostly figure of a gentleman with a white hat walking in the garden. This figure is said to have been seen haunting during the full moon nights.
Oh…. Nipun that’s a nice story. I’d like to see this ghostly figure.  I think there is something weird behind these incidents.
Yes Yasith I like to observe this house and discover the truth. I don’t believe ghosts or demons. Sanju accepted Yasiths’ proposal too quickly.
On the next morning, we went to the bungalow and talked to Jemis. He knows me well. Because my father is the post master of our village.
Oh… punchi mahaththaya: why are you here? Do you want any help from me? Yes Jemis uncle. We want to get some information’ from you. These are my friends Yasith and Sanju. They are studying with me at Royal College.
Oh…. Jemis opened the gate and invited us to come inside the garden. We sat on a bench under a mango tree. Then we started our chat. Jemis uncle …. Villagers are telling that there are strange noises in this area and some ghostly figure is haunting in the garden.  They have also seen some lights moving. Is that true?
Jemis was silent for a moment and answered.
……… Yes punchi mahaththaya. The shadows of dead inheritance are still staying here.Specially Mudali Hamu is coming on full moon nights. I have seen him several times.
Are you afraid…? Sanju asked.
No he doesn’t do me any harm. I’m their faithful servant from my childhood. My father also worked here.
Shall we see the inside of the bungalow? Yasith asked.
Sorry baby. I’ cannot let anyone into the house when the owners are away. They don’t like any visitors here….
We looked at each other with suspicion.  We got up and said, O.K. uncle we are going now. Then, he gave us some ripe mangoes with a smiling face and we thanked and left the house.
The Esala full moon poya day was to come in the next week and we chose the poyaday for our investigation. We secretly approached the walawwa as we decided and planned in the previous few days at around 11.30 in the night without letting Jamis know of our arrival. We climbed on to the sunshade and stayed hidden. We could see the rare door of the kitchen and up stair easily.
At midnight, Jamis was seen opening the rear door. He was wearing a weird white hat. He came out and blew a whistle with his mouth that had a creepy sound to it. He whistled several times and walked around the garden.
We got down from the sun shade and remained seated in the kitchen until Jamis came. Several minutes later, he came back to the kitchen. Then Yasith spoke up, Hello Jamis uncle! you are the ghost Right? You acted your role very well.  But you couldn’t cheat or scare us.
He was shaking with fear. Oh… punchi mahattaya…He drank some water and started talking.
There are many antiques, old coins and luxurious furniture in this house. I can’t protect them from thieves. So I do this act. After that he implored to us.......”please don’t tell anyone in the village about this act. We promised him not to share our discovery with anyone. We came back home. We didn’t tell our discovery with anyone. Because Jamis is innocent. It’s an unforgettable day in our lives.

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